The Sewing Journal

February Plan

We have a No Tie Apron in the works, well truthfully near done and should be uploaded soon. It will be sized to fit Small - 5x. I am planning on 36" long. I also will take care to mix prints for this. I think flat pockets will be easier for the home sewing market. Pockets and straps also allow an opportunity to mix up pretty prints into one piece. So although you may choose to craft this new No Tie Apron from denim or canvas or from a lovely vintage piece you have stashed away, mixing an assortment into...

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Blogging Plan

Our Blogging plan for this new business requires decisions. Here on the website there is a blog awaiting content but it is missing essential features that inspire writers. Wordpress does that. Wordpress can take a writer by the hand and frame your work in such a way as to support and enhance what you inspire to communicate. I don't seem able to abandon one for the other. The only solution I see are to have both. Yes, two blogs, sadly I am not that much of a gabby person but we shall attempt to meet goals. Goals are important, they...

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I am wondering if this will be a good plan I am thinking a WP would be way better. Can I have that here? No idea.

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